What Are the Best Wireless Radar Detectors?

A radar detector is a device used by vehicle owners to check if their speed is being monitored by law enforcement agencies via a radar unit. They are illegal in certain countries such as Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece and others. We have reviewed the most effective wireless radar detectors to help you avoid prosecution for speeding:

Cobra XRS R9G12 Band Detector features voice, visual alerts, a GPS locator and remote. This device is very easy to use and install thanks to a wireless remote control/display module. It uses Ku band detection, POP mode radar detection and 12-band S-XRS and includes 12′ fused hardwire and cigarette lighter power cables.

Beltronics Pro RX65 Laser Detector detects the latest POP mode Ka-band signal, using an advanced technology. It provides complete immunity to most detectors and can be customized up to seven options for your specific driving style. The manufacturers claim that BELTRONICS Professional Series GX65 is the most complex radar and laser detector in the world.

Cobra XRS R7 is immune to most radar detectors. This electronic device uses an advanced technology- Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne- which provides the highest level of detection. It has a simple, rectangular shape without display and detects Euro X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka. This radar detector is also very easy to use and control.

RadarHAWK SE Instant Radar Detector features 360-degree protection across all laser and radar bands (X, K and Ka). It uses a voice alert to give advanced warning and eliminates dangling wires thanks to its wireless design. This device is made from plastic, electronic components.

Cobra XRS R8 15 Band Voice Alert Radar/Laser Detector comes with an Intellilink 2. 4 GHz Wireless Remote System and a full color customizable screen. It detects all 15 radar/laser bands with super-fast lock-on detection circuitry and provides immunity to VG-2 and alerts for Spectre I/IV radar detector-detectors. This device has a one- year limited warranty and is available for a very low price.

Cobra XRSR10 IntelliLink Wireless Radar/Laser Detector with AURA features 15-Band Detection, frequency display mode, AURA Camera and Driving Database (included), S-XRS maximum performance technology, POP Mode Radar Gun Detection and Ku Band Detection. Some of its main characteristics include an 8-Point GPS Compass, a digital speedometer, and programmable speed alert, car battery voltage display, digital signal strength meter and other incredible features.

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2012 Buick Regal GS Review and Road Test

The 2012 Buick Regal GS (Gran Sport) is possibly the best looking four-door car you car buy for under $45,000. Its large wheels, brake ducts, Xenon headlights and special exhaust ports at the rear make sure this car stands out on the road. Buick has managed to make the Regal GS impressive while still in keeping with good taste and moderation. If you want cartoonish spoilers and vents there are plenty of other cars on the market to meet that need. Since the first showing of the Buick Regal GS concept car in 2010 there has been much anticipation about its release. When you compare the Regal GS to other premium cars, its quality measures up well. Despite lacking all wheel drive this Buick is intended to be a serious sports sedan that competes with the Acura TSX, BMW 328 and the Mercedes C350. The big question is: will premium car buyers write the cheque for this latest entry into the market?

On the inside the Buick Regal GS is nice to look at. The dash has a nice sweeping curve, and it looks like it fits in well with other interiors in the class. No matter where you look the materials seem to be of a good quality. The inside of the doors have an aluminium grab handle with a rubber backing that provides a quality feel when you close the door. In truth all Buick Regals are based on the European Opel Insignia, and it shows throughout the inside of the car. The Regal GS has a unique flat bottomed steering wheel and special seats that are on available only on this model. The steering wheel looks great and is nice to hold wether in a traffic jam or doing some high speed cornering. The seats are comfortable and offer about a thousand times more side support than anything Buick has ever put in a car before.

The Buick Regal GS has every electronic gadget you would expect from a premium car: Bluetooth, USB port, Navigation, front and rear park sensors, the list goes on an on. When not equipped with the Navigation system you get Buick’s IntelliLink technology that allows for Bluetooth audio streaming, smartphone radio stitcher and almost anything else you could think of. Like many premium cars the buttons along the centre stack of the Regal GS look very complicated to operate to un-initiated. In reality functions like climate control, radio and Bluetooth are very easy to use. The touch screen in high-resolution and easy to operate. It is easy to program the Navigation system using the wheel control in front of the arm rest.

Overall the interior gets top marks. The only downsides are the fact that to plug in an iPhone or iPod you have to leave the centre console open, and that when navigation is ordered you lose the wireless audio streaming function and internet radio stitcher.

On the road the Buick Regal GS is much like the cheaper turbo model- until you take a corner quickly or brake. Special adjustable suspension and massive Brembo brakes make for impressive handling. The beauty of a car like the Regal GS is that in the normal suspension setting the car has a pleasant ride and normal steering, but when you activate the GS mode the suspension stiffens right up and the steering gets much sharper. The g-force generated in a corner is amazing especially given you are driving a four-door Buick. Slam on the brakes from 60mph(100km/h) and you will feel like someone is trying to pull your face off. Our Regal GS was equipped with the 20″ wheel option and summer only tires. Buyers looking to drive year round will want to consider sticking with the less dramatic 19″ wheels that have all season tires from the factory. Without doubt the Buick Regal GS is of the best handling four-door cars that money can buy. The only thing that really lets the car down is the engine. Buick rates the 2.0L 4 cylinder engine at 270hp and is receives and larger turbo than the standard Regal turbo model gets. In spite of all this the acceleration is just not that vicious. Make no mistake with a 0-60mph time of 6.3 seconds the Regal GS is not slow by any means. The problem lies in the feeling you get when you drive it, you feel like the engine does not match up to the rest of the car. A 300+ hp V6 and all-wheel drive would be a welcome addition in an upcoming model. Are you listening Buick?. Overall the sub par drivetrain is not enough to keep this from being a great car. Between the fantastic handling, looks and build quality the Buick Regal GS is still impressive.

The bottom line: If you march to the beat of a different drum, or you don’t want to be like all the other people you know that bought a BMW or Infiniti then take the time to check out a Buick Regal GS.

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-By David Louis Johnson

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Google and Buick: Does Mobile Marketing Work?

Buick is generally not compared to Apple, Nike or Gatorade for their innovative marketing tactics. However, Craig Bierley, Directory of Advertising and Promotion for Buick GMC, is trying to change this persona with the launch of their newest mobile campaign. Buick is one of four major companies partnering with Google on their Goggles project. Google Goggles allows you to perform visual searches of text, landmarks, books, contact information, artwork, wine and logos by taking a picture of them on your Android, BlackBery, or iPhone. By partnering with Google, Buick is creating advertisements that will be easily recognized by the mobile application. When you take a picture of a Buick advertisement, the application will lead you to an engaging and interactive page where you can explore the car and features as if you were actually inside.

Buick’s attempt to adapt to the ever changing demands of consumers and new generations is admirable, however not successful yet. Looking at the theory of consumer adoption of technology innovations, there are six stages that Buick’s innovative mobile marketing strategy must follow. The theory states that first, the consumer must become aware of the product. Second, they must become interested in it. Third, they will evaluate it. Fourth, they will try it. Fifth, at this point the consumer will either decide to use the product, a.k.a. adopt it, or move on. Sixth, internalize it, which is when the product becomes part of the consumer’s lifestyle.

During the stages of consumer adoption of technology innovation, the group we call “innovators” first use the product. If they like the technology, they will share it with the “Early adopters”. The early adopters are the hardest to graduate from. This is where most products make it or break it. If a product is successful in making it past the first two groups, the early majority will adopt the product. All groups past this point of the bell curve are considered part of the diffusion process where the late majority and laggards adopt the product. By this point, the innovators and early adopters have moved on to newer products.

Google Goggles was launched in 2010 and has gained only marginal traction. Many consumers are unaware of the product. Those who are aware of Google Goggles would be classified in either the innovator or early adopter grouping. This is where Buick will face a majority of their problems with their new mobile marketing campaign. The technology they are using is still in the awareness stage for most consumers and those who use it account for 2.5% to 16% of total consumers.

In order for Buick’s mobile marketing campaign to become successful, they need to move past the adoption chasm, which is a virtual barrier between early adopters and early majority. Currently, a large majority of consumers would not know how to use Google Goggles or that Buick’s advertisements were searchable. This is a major problem that the company will need to address if they want to have a successful mobile marketing campaign using Google Goggles.

Marketers who used QR codes faced similar dilemmas in the past few years. They had to train consumers to scan the unusual looking barcodes for more information rather than using their browsers the traditional way. This shows that, while difficult to change consumer behaviors, it is not impossible.

In closing, Buick’s newest mobile marketing campaign involving Google Goggles is a unique and innovative method for engaging tech savvy consumers. Buick’s recently announced that in order to appeal their target marketing, all 2013 model cars will be equipped with IntelLilink, which is a mobile device base station that connects and displays all the user’s data on the system’s touch screen. Therefore, in order to increase Buick’s chances of making money while having their cars viewed as the best choice by techies, their mobile marketing campaign needs to make consumers aware of the scannable mobile ads and educate them on how useful it can be. If this can be done, Buick’s mobile marketing campaign can become an ideal choice for market exposure.


Michael Wylie is the founder and CEO of Abway Technology, an author and marketing expert. Contact Michael Wylie today via Email or Twitter @TheMikeWylie.

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2013 Buick Enclave Reviews

The Buick Enclave is making a comeback in 2013 with a revamped model of the previous 2008 version of it. The Enclave had first appeared in the market back in May 2008, and 2013 will witness a better and much more advanced version of the same Buick Enclave, just as the Traverse is going to debut in 2013 with a new model. The 2013 Enclave has a lot more to offer than the 2008 version. From the technical aspects to the appearance, this edition is surely going to have the critics working hard.

The mechanical and technical details are not very different from the earlier model. It is the appearance that has been hugely updated and is expected to set hearts soaring. The vehicle still features a 3.6 liters, 288hp and V-6 engine. There has been a slight modification with the six speed automatic transmission. The suspensions have also been modified with front and rear dampers. EPA fuel economy has been retained at 16/22 mpg and 17/24 mpg for all-wheel and front-wheel vehicles respectively. Hence, the overall mechanical aspects are similar to the outgoing version of the Buick Enclave 2008.

However, as far as looks are concerned, there have been a whole lot of additions and modifications to give it a fuller and better appearance. With the addition of HID headlamps and LED running lights, the car is a winner when it comes to illumination. The headlights are now accentuated with blue accent rings and available swivel action. Modifications have also been made to the grilles, hoods, fascia and wheels, but those are pretty minimal and not noteworthy by any chance. Under the hood, there have been a whole lot of modifications as well, with the restyled dashboard center stack and the greatest addition being the huge 7 inches full touch infotainment system. Supported by Buick’s Intellilink interface, the infotainment system is really striking, with smartphone integration, Pandora Stitcher apps control and a backup camera as well. The ambient blue lighting inside also adds to the appeal of the car in the dark. Addition of airbags has also increased the level of safety.

If you are looking for a great vehicle which can provide you with nothing but sheer luxury and grandeur, the Buick Enclave is not the perfect car for you. It is more about comfort and performance, beautification and style. Compared to the 2008 version of Enclave, this one is brilliant in terms of appearance only, while the performance is almost the same for both the versions.

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